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Syloti Books

Syloti Lekha ar Pora, Learn how to Read and Write Sylheti

Created by James Lloyd-Williams and Matiar Rahman Chowdhury
Published by S.T.& R. London, UK

It is very easy to learn to read and write Syloti Nagri alphabet with the help of the book, Syloti Lekha ar Pora. There are 33 letters and 5 vowel sounds in this book with which one can easily read a book written in Nagri alphabet as well as learn to write in a very short time. This book is divided into six sections. From each section you can learn some new words and new characters. Besides this there are also some stories, riddles, and word-puzzles in this book to increase reading and writing skills. Read more

Quran Sorif (Sipara 30)

Translated by Md. Salik Ahmed, Md. Nizam Uddin, Md. Mamunur Rasid
Commissioned by A. Hamid, Birmingham, UK

This is the first attempt to translate The Holy Qur’an from Arabic into the Syloti language in Syloti Nagri. The main purpose of translating this 30th para of The Holy Qur’an is to help those people, who are illiterate or semiliterate to understand the Qur’an even simply by hearing it. Besides the Nagri Version of this 30 th para of The Holy Qur’an.
This translation opens from left to right as an Arabic Qur’an might. In the back of the volume, which opens right to left as Bengali literature usually does, the transliteration in Bengali script can be found. Read more

Syloti Grammar

Written By Dr. Steven B. Plettner
Published by AMC Publishers, Dhaka

This book is the result of a native English speaker’s attempt to learn Syloti and discovering its grammar. It is a fairly complete explanation of the basic grammar of the Syloti language. Examples are given in Roman and Bengali transliteration with full explanation in English. Read more

Syloti Nagri Bornomala

Created by James Lloyd-Williams and Matiar Rahman Chowdhury
Published by S.T.& R. London

Syloti Nagri is a language closely related to the Bengali language yet distinct in itself. There are 33 letters in this book entitled Syloti Nagri Bornomala. With each letter the Bengali equivalent is also provided as well as a word with a picture. However, the pronunciation of the Bengali equivalent is ofter different than the actual pronunciation in the Syloti language. Using this book you can get a quick overall view of the writing system of Sylheti literature. Read more

Ten Sylheti Poems

Translated by James Lloyd-Williams and Matiar Rahman Chowdhury
Published By Sylheti Translation & Research, London, UK

Literature is the mind's true nourishment. In all eras it has been a source of strength all inspiration to mankind. And the soul of literature is poetry. Syloti Nagri is Sylhet’s own unique alphabet, with a rich treasury of literature. The writings of Sylhet's ancient poets bring to life a vivid picture of the Sylheti culture and people and their prayers to the creator. This book is a collection of ten poems by the renowned mystic poets Hason Rajah, Sufi Sitalong Shahs, Syed Shahnur Asod Ali pir, Arkum Shah, and Sheikh Bhanu with English Translation. The poem were selected by Syed Mustafa Kamal in his book Sylheti Mystic Literature (Sileter Moromi Sahityo) published by STAR in 1998. It is hoped that the deep spirituality of these ancient poets will shine through and move the reader's heat as he reads these poems. Read more

Horin Nama

By Pir Azmot Ali
Translated by Roger Gwynn Published by Sylheti Translation & Research, London, UK

Horin Nama is a portion of a longer manuscript poem or puthi names Gafil Nosihot by Pir Azmot. It is a deeply moving story from Islamic tradition and orally recounted generation after generation. Although outwardly the story tells of the prophet Hazrat Muhammad's (SW) self sacrifice in answer to a mother deer's plea for help, in reality it has a deeper meaning which provides a model for all humanity to follow. The true meaning becomes clear to any who take the trouble to think deeply. Then the story becomes an inspiration to pursue the highest human qualities, especially strong faith and brotherly love. Above all, this story glorifies the unity and mighty power of the Creator. Sylheti Translation & Research (STAR) is in a London based association of those who love Sylhet's language and heritage. Read more

Phase 5, Another 500 hours The Phase of Native-to-Native Discourses

By Greg Thomson
(Version: April 2011)

The purpose of Phase 5, Native-to-Native Discourses, is to get you to Phase 6, Self-Sustaining Growth, to get you to the point where you will continue growing steadily through your on-going life experience alone after your life is dominated by a full work schedule, and as you travel the very long road toward host-likeness. (Consistent with more social-centred understanding, in the GPA, “host-like” seems more appropriate in many contexts than “native-like” which has more of an individualistic and cognitivist flavour, at least to me.) Read more

Syloti Lexicarry Book

designed to be used with Patrick R. Moran's Lexicarry,
Published by Patrick R. Moran, Pro Lingua Associates

This Syloti - Lexicarry is designed to be used with Patrick R. Moran's Lexicarry, an illustrated vocabulary builder for second languages. The numbers correspond to the numbers of the pictures. The beginner can use this to build hearing vocabulary in the method described by Greg Thomson in his article Kick-starting Your Language Learning: Becoming a Basic Speaker Through Fun and Games Inside a Secure Nest. It has been designed so that the double pages of Moran's Lexicarry and this Syloti Lexicarry functionally correspond to each other. Read more

Syloti Puti Audio

SL Name Sound File
1 Komola Shundori
2 Sylhet City Version 1
3 Sylhet City Version 2