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an American owned corporation investing in the destiny of Bangladesh


Steve & Ann Plettner are the founders and major investors in Destiny Associates. Steve, a medical doctor, and his wife, Ann, have worked in various parts of Asia for many years. In Bangladesh since 1991, they decided to establish a business that would create jobs and stimulate other investment as well. They are well-wishers of the people of Bangladesh as well as entrepreneurs. Steve is the CEO of Destiny Associates

Ms. Milisa O. Laisné, is an anthropologist, researcher, and artist. With a B.A. in Community Development from Humbolt State University, Humbolt, CA, USA, she has worked in Bangladesh on and off since 1993. She is the Director of Destiny Design.


Information technology and South Asia have almost become synonymous as much of the computer programming from the Silicon Valley in California, USA has moved to India. Bangladesh's high tech industry has been making rapid progress in being able to provide the same high skill as its neighbor but with an even more reasonable "price tag." In these days of the global economy looking for the best deals, the IT industry will find one of the best deals in Bangladesh where IT excellence is provided at some of the world's lowest rates.
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Computer Programming
Medical Transcription
Web Page Design & Maintenance
Data Entry Services

Destiny’s Medical Transcription

The American medical system requires precise, accurate medical records. Doctors used to write their notes as a reminder to themselves as well as to communicate with other physicians and surgeons who might also be providing care for the patient, or so that other allied health personnel would be able to understand each patient’s situation. However, increasingly over the last 20 years a patient's medical records have become important legal documents. To protect themselves, American doctors have been forced to document for each patient exactly what they did and did not do or what had been explained. This has required doctors to dictate nearly all patient encounters including phone conversations at times. The tremendous increase in medical transcription has transformed a once small part of the hospital medical records to a huge industry, which cannot keep up with the demand. This has necessitated cost saving measures and innovative solutions.

Software & Web Page Design

Programming of any sort can be done anywhere in the world because of the Internet. We are able to provide a full range of highly skilled programmers using many different programming languages. Please contact us with your requirements and see if our prices are not the best available with guaranteed quality. Have Destiny IT design and maintain your web page also.

Out-sourcing Data Entry

Internet accessibility has transformed the office place. Not only can much of what used to take place in the office now be done at home, but also it can be done anywhere around the world. This has opened up huge opportunities for routine office work like billing, processing of medical and other insurance claims, as well as other types of data entry to be out-sourced half way around the world, which allows a business to maintain its competitive edge by getting highest quality for the lowest cost. Routine data entry services into databases, spreadsheets, or word processor documents are available for very low cost. Contact us.

Learn More about Destiny Associates

Destiny Associates is an American business operating in Bangladesh and is separately incorporated in both Bangladesh and the USA. The initial investors are Americans who have lived and worked in Bangladesh and understand its culture, language, and the abilities of the multi-talented Bengali people who inhabit this land. It is their vision to be a part of the destiny of Bangladesh. With Japan, China & Taiwan, India, Malaysia, and Thailand all having become Asian business powers, Bangladesh is becoming the next Asian tiger to emerge

Bangladesh has great export business potential and is capable of producing excellent quality not only in its traditional handicrafts but also in the high tech fields as well. We are partnering with various businesses and social sectors to develop and participate in the economic potential of this emerging business power. Picture of Bangladesh The Bengal, mostly represented by present day Bangladesh, was once the richest, most productive part of the Indian Subcontinent. Because of this potential the East India Tea Company was the very first foreign investor; over 200 years ago this British company started working in the Bengal. The historical wealth and prosperity will once again be a feature of this land. With a population of nearly 140 million, Bangladesh is one of the largest countries in the world. This represents a very large market in and of itself as well as being a huge, mostly underutilized labor force, which is one of the greatest natural resource of any country — its people. Labor costs are some of the lowest in the world for both the high-tech and highly educated in addition to skilled and trainable workers. In addition, the Government of Bangladesh, which is proving to be a stable democracy, continues to aggressively seek and foreign investment and has made many conditions favorable to foreign investment. Destiny Associates is not only doing business itself but serves as a consultant to other foreign investors wishing to invest into Bangladesh. We offer our experience and expertise to consult with and assist other investors in establishing themselves in Bangladesh. We will appreciate hearing from you.

Destiny IT as an American company working in Bangladesh is able to provide US quality at Bangladesh prices. Doctors require highly accurate medical records for both their clinic and hospital practice. For several years now more and more medical transcription has been done in South Asia. Its CEO is an American Medical Doctor, Board Certified in Internal Medicine, which is why Destiny IT is especially capable of high quality medical transcription. Contact us for your medical transcription needs. We can offer you high quality (minimum 98.5%) and low prices! Prices vary with turnover time required, quality of dictation, use of templates, etc. The easier it is for the transcriptionist to do the work the lower the price. The average price is usually around 10¢ per line. We specialize in highly personalized services for smaller clinics. Contact us for more specific pricing.

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