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Welcome to Syloti Language Center

Destiny Associates Private Limited is an export-oriented business incorporated in Bangladesh in February 2002 and registered with the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) and Office of the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms in July 2002. The Directors are all foreigners who have worked in Bangladesh for a number of years and realize the tremendous potential in Bangladesh for foreign investment. It is our hope to attract other foreign investors to Bangladesh. This company has no relationship with the banned Destiny 2000, LTD.

Syloti Language

Newly understood to be a separate South Asian language, and mistakenly called Sylheti by colonial masters, the Syloti language is the heart language for approximately 10 million people with very close linguistic, cultural, and racial ties to the very large Bengali people group. It is one of the United Kingdom’s largest second language groups with as many as 500,000 Syloti speakers residing in UK with many others in Europe, USA, and the Middle East.

We have several Syloti Nagri books available. These books have been made available in cooperation with STAR.

About Syloti Language Center

We teach it here in Sylhet, the capital of Sylhet Division, Bangladesh in the center of where Syloti language is spoken. Our School can take you from not knowing a single word to fluency. Since 2002, we have experience with many of students that have achieved fluency and have gone on to use the language in very practical ways. We use practical exercises to help you move towards fluency. These involve the latest linguistic research and techniques Take the plunge, come to Sylhet for a few months and overcome the obstetricals that are standing between you and fluency in Syloti.

Language School

Learn Bengali and Syloti using the latest language acquisition techniques for learning second languages. SLC has developed language learning aids to enhance Learner Directed Language Learning. Skilled Language Resource Persons have been selected for their native language abilities.

Translation and Transcription Services:

Our company provides high quality translation and transcription services for Bengali, Syloti, and English. Are staff being fluent in all three of these languages can provide accurate and trustworthy services to meet all our client’s needs. All translation will be reviewed by a native speaker, and its quality will be guaranteed. Quotes will be given after seeing a sample of the translation or transcription you need.

Online Syloti Class

SLC offers courses in a variety of formats beyond the traditional on-campus course. If you are an independent learner, self-motivated, and well organized, with consistent access to your own computer and internet access, then online education may be a good option for you.

Language Teaching Method

Syloti Language Teaching Method: Everything we do at our school is practical from just getting your feet wet at the beginning to the highest levels our program helps you to understand and say what you want to say. We start by using objects and talking about them and having our students interact with them. After about 30 hours of intense interaction, our students start to speak their first words. After about 100 hours of classes our students are about to speak at a survival level but what they learned was foundational for moving on to fluency. Our aim is fluency.

Syloti Language Center

Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going

Syloti Books

We have several Syloti Nagri books available. These books have been made available in cooperation with STAR.

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